There will always be tomorrow

I understand some people have a different way to get to the finish line. Mine has evolved. I'm still a work in progress, but it's evident where I stand nowadays: I care first and foremost about putting something —anything— out there, perfection be damned.

I always struggled with convincing stakeholders about progress. More often than not I had to dance around the whole "...but the framework is already in place" idea. I liked to work from inside out; let's make sure we nail the "how," then we worry about the "what."

Not only this makes for a cumbersome conversation with people wanting to see the thing, but it also leads to waste as soon as it evolves.

More and more I try to focus on the product that people see. This is always my trade-off, the way I set my priorities. I focus on the stuff that fuels discussions, and drive ideas. I want products to evolve quickly, and I want as little waste as possible during that process.

There will always be tomorrow, and two hundred oportunities to make the "right thing." Just make sure you win yourself a ticket to fight that battle.

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