One of the biggest complaints about the Scrum's daily standup meeting is that, more often than not, they become "status" meetings.

Complain about this to any die-hard Scrum fan, and they will quickly tell you something along these lines:

You are doing it wrong. You need to make sure your team is using this time to optimize collaboration and performance, improve communication, identify impediments, and improve the team's level of knowledge on the product.

The lecture will serve you well for a while, but for the last ten years, our standup meetings have degraded to status meetings shortly after. All. The. Time. Every. Time.

I work with smart people, and over the years, we've had a dozen or so specialists whose only job have been making sure our Scrum process is top-notch. We are proud of what we've accomplished, but the standup meeting seems to always be the same boring, useless crap.

Here is a crazy idea: maybe the problem is not our people, and we aren't doing it wrong. Aren't ten years, dozen of teams, and hundreds of projects enough to prove that the standard by-the-book Scrum standup meeting is not going to work for us?

I feel we have given them a fair chance.

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