Slow and steady

We made a lot of progress in our product over the last two weeks. It was a bunch of work, and it took nights and part of the weekend to get where we are right now.

I love the progress, but I hate what we had to do to get there.

The speed we showed is not sustainable. We can clap all we want but after a couple more weeks working like this everyone will be burned out and unwilling to move. This is not a great way to build a product. We are supposed to be running a marathon, not a sprint.

(Funny that Scrum uses the term “sprint” to refer to each iteration. I get why, but I don't like the implication of speed wrapped in that term.)

We are scaling back the effort a little bit. Not sandbagging, but trying to be a little bit more realistic about what we can do with 80 hours of work.

I'd instead do slow and steady. We are playing the long game here, and my job is to make sure we get there as keen and excited as we started.

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