Never forget where you came from

Here is kind of a cheezy advice for a new manager, but one that I found quite useful as I got more leadership responsibilities a few years ago:

Never forget where you came from.

Some people get promoted and all of a sudden they think they are a big shot. They stop looking at their friends the same way, or hanging with those folks that "stayed behind." They change the way they talk, behave, and the circles they spend time in.

They fail to realize they are still the same person they were before the promotion. Their inability to act like the person who they are speaks about their stupidity and lack of humility. They forgot why they were promoted in the first place: for being who they were.

If you are promoted, go back and do more of all the shit that made you the person you are today. We need more of that, not less. Remember you aren't unique, and most important, without those people that supported you in the first place you aren't anyone.

Don't turn your back to the rest of us.

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