Naming things

I've written before about code clarity, but I don't think I paid enough care to the importance of naming things.

For the most part, we are sloppy and tend to minimize doing things that don't seem to be worth in the short term; we have natural incompetence to comprehend the long term implications of our actions. This reflects throughout our lives, including when we write code.

You can see the reflection of this in multiple different ways, but the one that brings me here is while naming things (variables, classes, functions, etc.)

Some people make an extra effort in being brief and cut their typing as much as possible. Here is when you find "vlcty" instead of "velocity" or "prc" instead of "process." Other people have a knack for finding the most obscure names possible, that although verbose, mean nothing after five minutes of typing them.

Unfortunately, whatever time they think they are saving by not taking the necessary care today, they will pay back later in brain cycles deciphering their code.

Writing code should be like writing a novel. Sure, being concise is a useful attribute, but most important is being clear. I understand that moving fast is excellent, but it can't come at the expense of clarity.

When reading your code, the intent should be obvious. It is not enough that you know what the code is doing: things should be transparent enough to provide answers to even the most casual reader.

This is a hard trait to develop. This is something that separates good from great developers.

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