Mixed feelings

After four weeks of working full time with AWS, I have mixed feelings about the current state of cloud development. This is a great time to develop enterprise applications in the cloud: AWS (and Azure, and GCP) makes so many things possible — things that were complex before. You can quickly stitch together services and create a sophisticated, integrated system with much less effort than before.

This is great.

But I also feel that there's so much more than can and needs to be done. Over the past month, I estimate that we have spent 90% of our time worrying about infrastructure and only 10% working on the actual code of the application. Sure, at the end this might be for the greater good, but a lot of things have become too cumbersome and time-consuming. Things that are supposed to be much simpler.

Developers can't just be developers anymore; they have to learn a ton of stuff that wasn't part of their jobs before. Or maybe, this is just what being a modern "developer" means.

I'm looking forward to a time where coding your application becomes the main focus again, and the infrastructure piece "just works." We've made a lot of progress, but we haven't arrived yet.

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