Don't get out of the way

A common saying that goes around is that a good leader "gets out of the way and let their teams do what they do best." I like it. I've also said it before.

There are good intentions packed inside those words. The whole idea is a direct shot at micromanagement and those who continuously become a roadblock putting their unnecessary self in the middle of everyone else.

I get all of that, but I also feel the idea is incomplete and somewhat misleading.

Good leaders don't get out of the way; they get right in front of the action. Good leaders don't disappear; they lead. No matter how good is your team, if they are craving for something, it's probably for your leadership.

There's a difference between leading and telling people how to do things, giving too little room for creativity, or overshadowing everyone all the time. The best thing you can do is not to "get out of the way," but to figure out how exactly you can help progress.

Don't make yourself invisible. Au contraire, you are supposed to be the always-shinning light making the path forward clear for everyone.

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